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May on the Hill

Academy Opening Day

The work day at the Academy on April 30 was a huge success with 20+ residents  pitching to tidy up the inside and the grounds of the Academy. It only took about three hours. As we worked many of us realized that we can direct some of our energy and  precious resources to improving the interior of the building. The kitchen floor needs  sanding and repainting, and the cabinets need to be cleaned inside and out, and  perhaps painted???

As we begin to rent the building this year, we may need to upgrade  appliances and other features in the kitchen to make ready for caterers. None of these  projects are time sensitive, and many can be done by volunteers or through small  donations. More later on those plans. 

Mike Morin will be donating his time and equipment to mow and keep the grounds tidy.  Thanks. 

Time Talent and Treasure. That’s how things get done on Paris Hill.

Academy Grand Drape

Several Board members will be taking the Grand Drape on the upstairs stage down for  eventual restoration. We are having some sheetrock work done on the stage, so  removal of this 100 year old painted drape is critical. The group that restores these  “Grand Drapes” in New England is from Vermont, and has done a previous estimate of  the cost to restore ours. The restorer will be present in mid June when the drape is  removed and wrapped and will give a current estimate. Isn’t this room stunning?

First indoor dinner

Our first indoor dinner since COVID was held on Saturday, May 7. After we put out a  notice about considering masking and social distancing, we may have reduced our  numbers, but those who came were treated to quite a feast of pot luck dishes. BUT  ONLY ONE DESSERT!!!! Can’t recall that every happening. We counted about 20  diners who enjoyed gathering and chatting. Donations from the event were generous  both from those who came and those who sent checks before and after. Last count is  about $750. Thanks everyone.