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2024 Commemorative Paris Hill Egg!

Since the ‘Annual Commemorative Paris Hill Egg’ fundraiser has become so popular the ‘2024’ egg, third in the series, has been hatched early and is now available for purchase. They will  make great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or a holiday gift for those difficult to buy for on your  list. The eggs are now being shipped to collectors coast to coast and internationally.  

The ‘2024’ egg features the Old Oxford County Jail which now serves as the Hamlin Memorial  Library and Museum on Paris Hill. The image depicts the jail as it appeared in 1822. The Old Oxford County Jail has survived many architectural transformations over the years but still retains the original granite blocks quarried in Oxford and dragged up Paris Hill over frozen ground in the winter. The iron bars, doors and strappings are original to the jail. The second  floor is dedicated to a collection of Paris Hill historical artifacts and the first floor serves as a  public library.  

One hundred percent of the money raised by the sale of this year’s eggs and handmade cherry  stands will support yet another major historical restoration project slated for the Paris Hill  Academy. Last year’s Egg helped finance the new Academy roof. Now that the roof of the  building is secure restoration can begin on the inside of the building. The leaking roof caused  damage to the second floor ceiling, walls and stage requiring ceiling repair, new drywall and paint. These repairs, while necessary, will also showcase the privately funded restoration of the  circa 1892 Grand Drape adorning the stage, a truly historical masterpiece.  

Wells Wood Turning & Finishing, located in Buckfield, manufacturer of the White House Easter  Eggs is the same company that makes the Paris Hill eggs for this fundraiser. It’s an added  bonus to purchase the eggs locally and support a local business.  

For a donation of $10.00 to the non-profit organization, ‘Paris Hill Community Club’, you will  be presented with the 2024 “Paris Hill Egg”, the third egg in the collectible series. Handmade wooden egg stands are available for $2.00 to showcase your commemorative egg. Eggs and stands can be purchased at Speedway Inc in Oxford.

Place your orders early so the eggs can be delivered before  Christmas.  

There are still 59 2023 eggs left – and when sold will benefit the Paris Cape Historical Society as they continue to protect the many Paris Hill artifacts in their possession. Please visit the Paris Cape Historical Society at 77 High Street in South Paris. You will be amazed at their collections and displays. 

I want to thank everyone who has purchased eggs in the past. I also encourage those of you who haven’t purchased eggs to consider this small donation as the sale of each egg/stand combined makes a huge financial impact on the restoration of our beautiful village. If all 250 eggs and stands are sold the donation reaches a total of $3000.00

Last years eggs and ‘All Things Paris Hill T-Shirts’ combined provided a community donation of $3865.00 for the Academy roof project. I personally cover the $900.00 purchase of the eggs as my donation to the fundraiser. 

I look forward to personally delivering your eggs locally and mailing any out of state eggs in time for Christmas.  ‘All Things Paris Hill’ t-shirts are always available for purchase at $15.00 each. Medium/Large/Extra-large always available in Coral/Yellow/ Light Gray. 

To purchase a 2023 egg or T-Shirt, please reach out to Linda at – and stay tuned for the 2024 egg launch next week!

And the Paris Hill Community would like to express our thanks to Linda for her gracious efforts and her egg-cellent ideas to raise funds for the historic buildings on Paris Hill!