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Dear Friends, Neighbors and the Paris Hill Community: 

As we all come together in the Christmas spirit and celebrate another beautiful year on  Paris Hill, we all have wonderful memories for which to be thankful. However, this has  been and will continue to be a difficult year and winter for so many families in our area.  There will be so many families wondering how to put food on their tables, buy warm clothes for their children and heat their homes. So in the true meaning of Christmas,  perhaps we can all dig a little deeper and offer comfort to those families who ask for so  little but need the very basics of a hot meal, warm clothing, and oil for their furnace.  

I’ve been busy creating the “2023 Hunger Trees” from a newly found source of  cardboard cones. All proceeds from the sale of the “2023 Hunger Trees” will benefit the  food pantry sponsored by and located at Stephen’s Memorial Hospital in conjunction  with Maine Health and the Good Shepherd Food Pantry. The director of the Stephen’s  Food Pantry, Carl Costanzi, assured me that the donations will go directly to purchasing  needed items for residents of our local communities. Mr. Costanzi was very grateful for this donation effort on behalf of the Paris Hill community.  

The Hunger Trees will be available at Becky and Peter Roy’s Christmas Tree farm or by  emailing Linda Richardson at There is only one size tree this  year and they are $20.00. Supplies are limited. If you would like to make a donation and  not receive a tree that is also possible. My goal is a $500.00 donation to the Stephen’s  Memorial Food Pantry. Make checks payable to: Stephen’s Memorial Hospital and write  Food Pantry on the note line. Together a few can feed many.  

My heart breaks when I think of ‘what could’ be or ‘should be’ and ‘what is’ for so many  families trying to provide for their children. Let’s make the true meaning of Christmas  shine in our community.  

My Christmas Blessings to all: 

Linda Richardson