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Paris Town Meeting Tuesday 6/21 6pm

The Paris Town Meeting is 6/21 at 6pm at the Paris Fire Station. This is the meeting where we approve the budget for the next fiscal year and it is important to have a good turnout!

Town Water Outage (Resolved)

The utility district is working on Tremont Street and has cut water to the surrounding areas. They expect the outage to last under an hour – ETA 1PM. Resolved by 3pm.

Bears still about!

Just a friendly reminder to take your bird feeders in at night! There’s a lot of bear activity on the hill this spring and the wardens can’t do anything about it this time of year due to the possibility of cubs. Our neighborhood bear has been spotted numerous times – and has taken a few bird feeders in the evenings as well!

Landscapers Spotted!

Not to be outdone by the guest appearance of the bears, we had a sighting of the landscapers on Paris Hill today! Snow yesterday, landscaping clean ups today! It takes a village to make a village beautiful and these hard workers are essential to that effort.  Paris Hill village thanks you.

Bears Spotted!

Bob and Joan Moorehead reported that they had a bear visit on Monday night and then a revisit last night.  A rather large bird feeder and pole were pulled up and their back stone wall was damaged.  Upon closer look, Mike Brogan thought the tracks looked more like a group of deer were responsible.  

Be warned:  if you have bird feeders in your yards, bring them in at night.   Winter animals are in search of food and we are in their pathway.  But let’s be gentle with our woodland creatures.

MSAD 17 Budget Community Forum

Please note that MSAD 17 will be holding their 2022 School Budget Community Forums at the following times and places:

Wednesday April 13th 7:00pm Paris Elementary School

Thursday April 14th 7:00pm Oxford Elementary School

These are the only two community forums we will be holding.

Please post this in a place where your community members are best able to access this information.If you have any questions regarding this, please let me know.

Water Main Break

Please be aware there has been a water main break near the country club. The leak has been fixed but your water may have been out or brown now that the issue is resolved. If issues persist please contact the Paris Utility District.