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Community Club Academy Spring 2023 cleanup

Neighbors showed up bright and early on Saturday, May 6 to tidy up The Academy in preparation for summer events and to assess any problems that may be addressed this summer.

Neighbors participating were:  MIke and Janet Brogan,  Jon Thompson, and Jan Thompson, Jeff and Linda Richardson, Peter Roy, John Thurston and new neighbor (in the Old House)  Mark Eckels.  Rosemary Losso and Adrienne Cote came late and spent some time looking at curtain needs for the stage.

Mike and Linda scraped and painted the lower walls upstairs, Janet, Peter and Jeff cleaned up the stage and removed items that were not needed.  Jon and Jan cleaned the kitchen, the bathrooms and washed the downstairs windows.  Jeff, Peter and Jon removed the old stove.  Jeff, Peter, Jon and Mike took the stage Grand Drape downstairs via the back stairs in preparation for the restoration scheduled for June 8.    John Thurston and Mark Eckels were busy doing yard cleanup.  Peter and Jeff made a dump run at the end of the morning.  We were all done by 10 am.    Well done everyone.

In addition, on Tuesday, May  2, MIke Brogan, Jeff Richardson and Peter Roy rebuilt the support for the Grand Drape.    This was no easy task in an old building – but they managed to craft a system that will secure the drape in place.