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Month: April 2023

Paris Hill Baptist Church Restoration Underway!

Hi Everyone,

If you have recently been by the church, you will have noticed that the outside restoration project has started. The cost has been fully covered from a $24,000 grant that we received from the Davis Family Foundation of Yarmouth, ME. The project includes replacement of all decayed wood, reglazing the windows, replacement of missing shutters and painting all outside surfaces. There is quite a long lead time on the custom building of the shutters. Therefore, we may have to live without a full complement of shutters for some number of months. We expect the outside restoration project to be completed before the end of June (weather dependent).

On Monday, May 1st, there will be a very large hydraulic lift that will be delivered to allow Hahnel Bros. Roofing to begin replacing the steeple roof and eliminating the leaks that have damaged part of the domed ceiling inside the church. The cost of this project will be 50% covered by a grant of $36,000 from the Maine Steeple Foundation. The remaining 50% will be covered by our fundraising efforts from the last two years. Even after paying 50% of the cost of this project, we will still have a reasonable cushion of funds for operating expenses and any other unforeseen costs.

We expect both projects to be completed in time for the summer fund raising events which include Founders Day (in conjunction with the library) on July 15th, Hannibal Hamlin Birthday Event on August 26th and the Paris Hill Music Festival hosted at the Paris Hill Country Club on August 4th and 5th.   The Friends of the Church Board of Directors are very pleased that we are able to return this 185-year-old historic building to its original glory in the heart of Paris Hill.